Education, Purpose Driven.  Period.

Conventional Wisdom, "Likes" The Idea of a Debt-Free Higher Education.  

MnM Academy

"Loves It" 

Our Wisdom, Provides a Future Path Forward.

Turning an Idea, Into a Reality...

The MnM Academy*

*Denotes a Future Capability

Education and Success

Modern & Purpose Built, By Design...

Specialized and Advanced Course Curriculum's

Note - The below is an example of potential curriculum's.  Each Curriculum designed for the communities greatest needs. 

  • Life Essential Skills & Critical Thinking
  • Advanced Business Acumen & Strategy
  • Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability & Socially Responsible Modeling
  • Marketing Management & Community Devlpmt.
  • Small Business Development & Ownership
  • Information Technology & CyberSecurity

  • Computer Sciences & Programming
  • Music, Art, Performing Arts & Digital Media
  • Language Arts & Communications
  • Political & Social Sciences
  • Environmental Studies
  • Physical Training & Dietary Education

MnM Academy EducationSimply Better!

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MnM Academy

Our Calling 

Has a Higher Purpose.


The Future of Education

What Do you Want To Learn?

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MnM Academy

At the MnM Academy, you'll get more than a degree, but without all the Traditional College Hype, and as usual, Loads of Debt.  A dogma that in most cases takes half your life to pay back, if you can at all.  Attend the MnM Academy and you can have it all.  Convenient centralized locations or if you prefer, online courses for the working professional.

Either way, you'll have access to industry leading programs and exceptionally qualified professors, small supportive multi-cultural and diverse classroom environments, peer study and project orientated work groups, social clubs and sports related events and activities.

Good Education, Beautiful Life

Equality Is King!

Buena educación, vida hermosa | تعليم جيد ، حياة جميلة

taelim jayid , hayat jamila | 伟大的教育,美好的生活 | Wěidà de jiàoyù, měihǎo de shēnghuó

Mahusay na Edukasyon, Magandang Buhay | Grande éducation, belle vie

Große Bildung, schönes Leben | Ka Hoʻonaʻauao Nui, Nani Nani | Ottima educazione, bella vita

शानदार शिक्षा, सुंदर जीवन

shaanadaar shiksha, sundar jeevan | آموزش عالی، زندگی زیبا | Велика освіта, прекрасне життя

Education and Careers 

Are you an active or retired member (veteran) of the United States Armed Forces?  Have you considered a career in the private sector?

The MnM Academy is a proud supporter of you and The G.I. Bill, which had been appropriated under the "The Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008."  (ClickCricket)

Exercise Your 21st Century

G.I. Bill of Rights


The MnM Academy Invests In Your Goals

We Educate You | You Graduate | Then We Hire You

Job Placement

Finding A Good Job, Problem Solved!

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At The Academy, You're Considered Family

Family Always Comes First...

When you attend the MnM Academy, you're part of our movement, the MnM Movement.  Upon successful graduation, you'll have the option to seek employment on your own, or you can continue your career path within the MnM ArcOne Family of Business Units.  Help us grow internally, organically and to scale our operations into new markets and new horizons.  It's your choice, but you'll have first right of refusal for any open position that you trained for and demonstrated the mastery of skills, necessary to succeed.  The need to intern, becomes obsolete.  You have already proven to be an asset to our organization and to you own, individual goals.

Still worried about college tuition expenses and alarming amounts of debt?  That problem has been solved, too.  We invest in your future, not the other way around.  Although, the relationship then becomes one of mutual benefit.  Upon graduation, continue your career at any of the many, MnM business units and with each passing year of successful employment, well pay off your college tuition expenses.  How's that for an annual incentive and recognition of your loyalty, and awarding, a job well done(1)


An educator and employer that's gets it?  

Why?  We heard you.  We listen to you.  We aligned our goals with yours.  

Not the other way around.  Pretty cool, huh?


MnM Academies


We'll Achieve More


As an MnM Academy post-graduate, other incentives, in addition to the above, may include the ability to repay in the form of "pre-tax earnings".  Now that's a true evolved investment strategy.  Either way,  MnM Academy with its extensive network of partners within the Fortune 1000 space and beyond, we'll work with you each step of the way to get you placed at the dream job of your choice. 

It won't hurt our feelings should you decide to pursue your own path.  You're part of the MnM Academy family (Alumni) now and we simply want you to succeed at whatever your heart desires.  We'll help you climb your mountain and build your "Life's Monument".  However, we aspire to inspire all our graduates to stay and remain as an active part of the MnM ArcOne, community.  Help us pursue the American Dream Movement.  Let's rebuild our small communities, middle class neighborhoods and cities together.  Help us stand proud once again among our neighbors, leading the way in the new socially and technically interconnected, global society.  

(1) Some restrictions, may apply.  Annual Tuition Retirement, is offered as a performance based incentive.  Not to worry, all metrics are shared at the beginning of each year.  You'll have the opportunity to agree in advance (mutually approve), to your  "individual or group level performance or contribution."  You'll then, have the ability on a quarterly basis to ensure you're on target (Quarterly & Annually).  

It's our goal to make education reasonable, not a free for all.  There's a difference, but it's our intent to ensure the successes of our active students and alumni.  For those "individuals or groups," whom miss their annual performance metric, they'll be provided additional tools and support, ensuring we all reach our goals and business objectives. 


That's Life, as an EcoSystem.


It's the MnM Academy Way

Simply Better!

MnM Academy

More Prosperous Lives and Communities

For all Who Aspire!

That's The MnM ArcOne Movement

"The Millennium Movement"

The Definition of Good Luck

Opportunity + Preparation + Execution = Good Luck!

Excel at Life!


MnM Academies

Education | Growth | Prosperity

Graduate to a Better Life!

The Education of Our Students and The Prosperity of Our Communities! 

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